lunedì 11 novembre 2013

Kirk Hammet (Metallica) clean and Dirt Solos tone on One and unforgiven.


It has been a while, but less than a month...

I am not a huge Hammet fan but there are some solos that i like and it has become part of my routine.

One and Unforgin clean parts are in this category.

Some day ago i was on youtebe and i watched the video of One. Kirk plays a Strato in that video (ESP clone) and i really love the tone of that solo.

So i googled some and i discovered that KH used a Fender Deluxe something for that tone... time to ride the mustang again!

It was easy, i used my standard preset for the Deluxe select on the guitar the closest position to "neck pickup" and i was there.

A bit of stomp overdrive and the brigde hb on you can have the unforgive solo second part, the dirt one.

Remember to rate the presets you download!

giovedì 19 settembre 2013

Thrash Metal preset updated!

That's it!

I changed the compression to "Simple comp" because i read many comments that state that if you dont need many tweak this one is slight better and i can confirm that i liked it more. Have to experiment with it, but i dont have many preset with the compression since i use a lot the overdrive.

Also changed the reverb to the 63, but thats it.

Works very well for my Metallica tunes. Very good for palm muting and riffing , does not work bad for soloing but i prefere other presets for the solo parts.

This one will go in the basic presets of the unofficial guide.

PS: please when you download a preset (not only mine but any) always do a small rate and comment on the fender site so we can address what a preset really worth!

giovedì 12 settembre 2013

A great preset classic: Fender Deluxe Reverb

I was reading this post:

that lead to this one:

That was very interesting and the tone on the recording sample very classic. So i made my attemp at duplicate it:

I shaped it with the Ibanez RGD in split position, but works well with the SZ too. I had to cut a lot of baesses. The gain was set in the "clean but compressed" sweet spot. I added some delay and the beloved 63 reverb to give it some ambience. It is not a perfect nail but it is close enough for the guitar i am using.

As soon as i get my Entwistle single coil connected and working i will go for some other test and maybe a demo.

Also have to test it with external stomps. I wonder i it will work with my zoom multi stomp's distorsions

mercoledì 11 settembre 2013

Software to Order the preset list inside the amp

Just find this:

All you have to do is backup your presets, load the backup in this nice app, organize your presets and then restore.

Easy as this post!

venerdì 30 agosto 2013

Megadeth presets!

Just updated my Rust in Peace tone. Marshall Britsh 80 based. I have set on an allround tone, good for solos and riff also. Some of the solos may need some more boost on treble but here it is:

And also the other one:

witch is based on the Countdown to extintion tone.

I think that the must have tones of Megadeth are 3:

1) Rust in Peace "vintage" Megadeth tone
2) Countdown to extintion "modern" Megadeth tone
3) Youthanasia "crunch modern" tone

If you think i am missing the 3rd one, just roll back a bit the gain on the Megadeth TS v3 and you will get a version of it.

When i play a tout le monde at home i usually go for with a preset i call Twin X Metal (basically a 65 preset with gain at 4, delay and reverb) and a Metal Zone stomp (well, the zoom multi stomp model truly...) with less than half drive. It do a very good job and i can still use the amp eq to cut through the mix without really affecting the cruchy tone.

The Twin X Metal is no much difference with this:

mercoledì 28 agosto 2013

Slash preset (appetite for destruction content!)

Who does not love slash tone in Appetite for destruction?

Yesterday was in a 'sweet child o'mine' mood and gave a try to the Britsh 80 model...

Well... Bias to the max, 4x12V cab, baesses between 8 and 9, mids to the max and treble to 7 and you are almost done.

You can either choose to set gain to 8 or set it to 4 and have an overdrive (classic ts like) setting do the job.

Remember that slash uses midgain pickup so if you have more gain than that, just roll back a bit your vol, and maybe also your tone, but not too much!

For the sweet child o'mine intro i suggest you the neck pickup.

I must say that the mustang here come really close to the Slash+Marshall tone, i really love my little toy, it gives me real fun!

Always remember that when you download someone else preset you my need some tweak, try to move all the tone knobs + or - 1.

Here is the preset with the overdrive stomp

And here is the preset with the touch wah stomp (always remember to set sensitive at your taste!)


If you like this preset or like Slash in general, have a look to the new post:

venerdì 23 agosto 2013

Another preset upgrade and upload!

This morning i was searching some preset in amp that still need a fix in the "double guitar" dealy settings.

I have some preset that still has repetition on time at more than 0% and this "flange" a little bit the sound....

I found that one of my best preset was in this condition so i present you the version 3 of my Megadeth tone:

I really love this preset, sound really good and exactly how i wanted it to sound, but since i am a bit lunatic when it comes to guitar tone depending on the mood and the tune (Symphony of desctruction...) i am playing i add a little bit of basses.

I also upgraded my Drive tone with my latest findings in delay and reverb field. Same reverb but a bit different setting to add some wideness to the tone. This is my allround tone, i mainly use it for kiko loureiro and skolnick stuff but i found it is a good horse also to do the intro of sweetchild of mine. I would have to try to engage the autowah from the Zoom Multi Stomp and see how it sound for the Sweet child o'mine solo!

As i state before this is inspired by my old Boss Vf-1 5150 drive tone, that i  used for almoste everything when i was young and had a band to play with!

1 post, 2 new preset! Enjoy!

giovedì 22 agosto 2013

Compare Mustang and Line6 Pt.2

So I made a small deviation...

Jedi2b from the Fender Forum offers me a chance to do multiple compare with the modeled ENGL POWERBALL from Line6, the one made from me (aimed at Chris Broderick tone in the Nevermore days...) and the one made from Jedi2b.

Some comment:

the line6 one really sucks to my ears if you set everything a 50%, so i made a small tweak to makes it sound better.

As usual i recorded only del amp model with no fx.

Then comes the Jedi2b's preset, witch is made with the Metal 2000 model where mine is made with the American 90. I feel like the ENGL POWERBALL being more like a MESA with more bass power and more gain so i think that American 90 should fit more the job but it may fall a bit short if you want to push the gain where the POWERBALL could go. The jedi2b preset should work better in the gain field but the Metal 2000 model in the mustang has less basses than the American 90.

Anyway i think that both preset do the job better than the Line6 model (my taste!).

I did some change in the Jedi2b preset, mostly i rise the volume, and also change the SAG to LESS in my preset to uniform with line6 and Jedi2b.

If you look at the waveforms Mustang preset are more compressed than the line6, dont know what it could mean....




The demo:

venerdì 16 agosto 2013

Compare Mustang and Line6 Pt.1

Mustang have many positive review in the Fender emulation field, while is often bashed when it comes to high gain amps.

After years with line6, witch is reviewed very positively in the high gain field, i have found myself very well with the 2 high gain models from Fender.

Yesterday i was in the right mood to connect my toneport and do some experiment.

First step was finding the American 90 equivalent in my Line6 model packs.

My firtst trial was the Diamond Plate -> Mesa/Boogie® '01 Triple Rectifier, but it does sound a little different so i moved to Cali Diamond plate -> Mesa/Boogie® '01 Dual Rectifier® Solo Head and it was closer... after testing the line6 model with the 4x12V cabs that i usually love i decided that I should have made thing harder and choose the default cab for the Cali model: 4x12 treadplate.

In the mustang we have only 3 model of 4x12 cab and i found the closest to be the 4x12G. Really close in many aspect but with all the controls to 12' clock i felt a strong difference between L6 and Fender.

I tweak a bit the EQ and then i discover that all i have to do the make them sound closer was lower to 40% the gain in the mustang.

The mustang model has more gain than the line6 one!

I did some test adding reverb, 63 in the mustang and the Classic reverb or the Lux spring in the toneport but there is no game: the 63 reverb on the mustang widen the sound to much better.

I will try to record some raw model demo to witness my discover.

Here is the small (and fast) recording i made:
this is only the amp models set with everything at 50% except the gain of the American 90. No delay, no reverb, overdrive stomp, no effort to play decent!

I then go over to the Metal 2000 in the Mustang and the Criminal -> Peavey® '02 5150 II but as i stated somewhere before the Metal 2000 has less high freq than a 5150, i guess maybe they modeled a modern edition like a EVH or a 3120... Time runned up and i did not even check the cabs.

I will come back later with more results!

mercoledì 31 luglio 2013

All my clean presets!

Since i tested my new Piezo 7 preset

with my 6 string and i found it working really well, i decide to retire the old 6 string version:

and make room for this one:

that friends call the 'Stomper'.

The stomper is my setup to use external stomp boxes (overdrive etc) the way Joe Satriani and many others do: a clean channel with the gain to go nothing more than a very little dirt. I use the amp eq knobs as a 'post gain' eq to boost the mids and cut through the mix.

I kept the Chorus version of the 6 String version.

Now add to the set the four horseman: my Metal Clean v2

Nothing more that a 57 deluxe basic preset that i feel it really gets out the tone and attitude of the guitar, with a lot of warm and with a soft attack (all other preset have an hard, punchy,compressed  attack). It can go anywhere from Metallica arpeggios to bassy Jazz tone just with the 'work'

This is my actual amp preset list:

In the background you can see the Stomper, gain at 4, mids at 10 and bass at 7. As a bonus you can find the overdrive in my classic Tube Scream like mode!

martedì 30 luglio 2013

Re tuning every preset

While I wrote the effect guide I made some discover so, after I made some test, I started tweaking every preset, actually for reverb  type and delay settings.

With the right reverb every thing sound even better.

I uploaded my new piezo 7 preset, now with small room reverb and a little 20% delay.
Sounds really good for 'a change of season ' but I really like it for 'Wasting love' arpeggios.

I must say that this preset was originally intended for the 7 string guitar and also the RGD witch is very bassy, but this new version sounds really good also on the SZ, not only with the central position (both HB single splitted) but also with the full humbucker.

Maybe i will free the Piezo 6 slot for something else...

Here is the link

giovedì 18 luglio 2013

The most Metal reverb: Fender '63!

Ok, last night i had a session of experiment with some funny info i collected for the guide.

I give a test to all the delays to better understand it.

But the surprise was with the reverbs!

I usually use small and large room, sometime ambience with some setting that needs to be widen.

I wanted my Satriani preset to sound "more vintage" so i replaced the small room reverb with the '63... What an hungry reverb! It really enance the high freq. I immediately test it with a more Metal sound... and this is the result:

I forgot to upload the previous version if someone want to test the difference, i will soon!

venerdì 12 luglio 2013

Reaper problem with Fender ASIO

The recording season is here again.

I know that Ableton comes free with the Mustang, but i found more confortable with simpler tools.

So i use Sonoma Riffworks T4 for the composition and Reaper for the "live" recording. Both are free!

Since i reinstall my PC with a brand new SSD disk i also installed Reaper, everything in 64bit flavor!

But Reaper crashed everytime i opened the config page for Fender ASIO.

The problem is Fender ASIO being 32bit only.

But good new is that you can swap Fender ASIO with the official ASIO4ALL and everything will fix ok!


giovedì 11 luglio 2013

Fender Mustang Preset - Drive Solo Chorus v4

My drive solo preset!

I always liked that evil high cutting sound, so i made one of this preset in anyplatform i use since the old Boss Vf1.

Basically is Treble all the way up both in the amp and in the stomp, a good amount of gain (never too much!) and a small cut for bass and mids. I use the American 90 (Mesa!) with SEG at the minimum but can be done pretty well with the METAL2000 too...

It is also a decent riff workhorse, i will say an allround rock metal patch.

This is v4 since i get the Mustang so it is a pretty mature preset. I gived it a good amount of dimension with a chrous and a wide type reverb.

Obviously i used the delay for double guitar effect!

Here is the link, since i am slowly uploading all my work ;)

And here is a picture:

mercoledì 10 luglio 2013

Fender Mustang Iron Maiden Preset


Tonight i uploaded a nice preset i made to play Losfer words from Iron Maiden.

In the beginning i made some test with the british models, but then i jump back to my classic tools:
Fender Bassman!

I choose my Tube Screamer "blues boost" setting on the OVERDRIVE stomp to feed a 7.5 of gain of the bassman. Put a lot of mids, a decent treble quantity of treble and a generous "almost 6" of bass.

Open up a bit with some presences and the most its done.

I did not double it delay or pitch shifter, that was rich enough.

But the lesson i learn today was somewhere else.

For the first time i made an  use of the guitar volume in an overdriven environement.

I rolled the volume back a bit to find the right drive and response to my picking. I needed to pick the strings hard without mudding the chords and this was the right solution. The Mustang is very responsive to guitar volume and different picking and this is a lot of fun, but you need to manage it correctly to sound best.

Maybe this could be done in other way: stomp box level or amp gain, but i choose the guitar volume and it tooks me where i want.

The other thing is reverb. I tried the Hall reverbs but everything gets a bit muddy so i got back to the beloved spring models and with the good amount i got the feeling i wanted.

The preset, with my Ibanez SZ, is a close match but with some difference , a little bit more modern sounding (a 5% :) ) and a little bit thick&grind just the way i like it!

Here is the link to download the preset:

And this is a screenshot:

Enjoy and up the Irons!