giovedì 22 agosto 2013

Compare Mustang and Line6 Pt.2

So I made a small deviation...

Jedi2b from the Fender Forum offers me a chance to do multiple compare with the modeled ENGL POWERBALL from Line6, the one made from me (aimed at Chris Broderick tone in the Nevermore days...) and the one made from Jedi2b.

Some comment:

the line6 one really sucks to my ears if you set everything a 50%, so i made a small tweak to makes it sound better.

As usual i recorded only del amp model with no fx.

Then comes the Jedi2b's preset, witch is made with the Metal 2000 model where mine is made with the American 90. I feel like the ENGL POWERBALL being more like a MESA with more bass power and more gain so i think that American 90 should fit more the job but it may fall a bit short if you want to push the gain where the POWERBALL could go. The jedi2b preset should work better in the gain field but the Metal 2000 model in the mustang has less basses than the American 90.

Anyway i think that both preset do the job better than the Line6 model (my taste!).

I did some change in the Jedi2b preset, mostly i rise the volume, and also change the SAG to LESS in my preset to uniform with line6 and Jedi2b.

If you look at the waveforms Mustang preset are more compressed than the line6, dont know what it could mean....




The demo:

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