mercoledì 31 luglio 2013

All my clean presets!

Since i tested my new Piezo 7 preset

with my 6 string and i found it working really well, i decide to retire the old 6 string version:

and make room for this one:

that friends call the 'Stomper'.

The stomper is my setup to use external stomp boxes (overdrive etc) the way Joe Satriani and many others do: a clean channel with the gain to go nothing more than a very little dirt. I use the amp eq knobs as a 'post gain' eq to boost the mids and cut through the mix.

I kept the Chorus version of the 6 String version.

Now add to the set the four horseman: my Metal Clean v2

Nothing more that a 57 deluxe basic preset that i feel it really gets out the tone and attitude of the guitar, with a lot of warm and with a soft attack (all other preset have an hard, punchy,compressed  attack). It can go anywhere from Metallica arpeggios to bassy Jazz tone just with the 'work'

This is my actual amp preset list:

In the background you can see the Stomper, gain at 4, mids at 10 and bass at 7. As a bonus you can find the overdrive in my classic Tube Scream like mode!

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  1. Thanks for posting this guide. My Mustang should be in any day. This website will certainly help!