giovedì 29 dicembre 2011

Day 2: First USB recording experience with Ableton (from Fender forum post)

My very first attemp at recording with Mustang USB was with Riffworks, the program i used with line6 stuffs. The recording quality sort out to be loewr than i expected and i understand there was a configuration preblem occurring.

I decided to switch to ableton and see how it worked. Seems to manage a bit better the Mustang USB. I discovered that the Fender ASIO tend to record both the amp signal and my notebook mic... have to switch off the audio card IN from the ASIO (so rule 1 is enable only input and output that you need). Also the mustang seems to be more sensible than the Toneport to the electrical interference, so i unplug the powersuppply and record with notebook in battery mode (but this is a fairly common trick when you record audio tracks!).

I route the PC headphone to the AUX in the mustang to use the mustang i itself as a monitor, and switch off the monitor for the recorded track to avoid feedback.

I tweak the tone to sound good with the headphones rather than with the Mustang speaker. If it sound good in your headphone, it sound good in the recording and in the speaker too (that goes for any modeling thing).

I did not get back to another recording software yet but this setup should work with any software now.

You can hear the result here:

lunedì 19 dicembre 2011

Day 1: the mustang overdrive

I did a test on with the OD stomp inside my Mustang I. I put my VF-1 between the guitar and the amp and create a patch with only the OD-1 emulation with all the values at 12' o'clock (50%). Then i alternatively engaged the VF-1 and the Mustang OD and tweak until i match the OD-1 sound.

The result is quite simple: the Mustang can sound pretty similar, you only need to turn all way up the high knog.

My guess is that the high knob is cutting the high frequencies rather than boosting...

This is not a problem to me since i usually use a "all at 12" setup for my od pedal (read: the TS emualtion on Line6 toneport...) but i think that this is limiting...

I hope that Fender will change this in a future firmware!