mercoledì 28 agosto 2013

Slash preset (appetite for destruction content!)

Who does not love slash tone in Appetite for destruction?

Yesterday was in a 'sweet child o'mine' mood and gave a try to the Britsh 80 model...

Well... Bias to the max, 4x12V cab, baesses between 8 and 9, mids to the max and treble to 7 and you are almost done.

You can either choose to set gain to 8 or set it to 4 and have an overdrive (classic ts like) setting do the job.

Remember that slash uses midgain pickup so if you have more gain than that, just roll back a bit your vol, and maybe also your tone, but not too much!

For the sweet child o'mine intro i suggest you the neck pickup.

I must say that the mustang here come really close to the Slash+Marshall tone, i really love my little toy, it gives me real fun!

Always remember that when you download someone else preset you my need some tweak, try to move all the tone knobs + or - 1.

Here is the preset with the overdrive stomp

And here is the preset with the touch wah stomp (always remember to set sensitive at your taste!)


If you like this preset or like Slash in general, have a look to the new post:

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