giovedì 19 settembre 2013

Thrash Metal preset updated!

That's it!

I changed the compression to "Simple comp" because i read many comments that state that if you dont need many tweak this one is slight better and i can confirm that i liked it more. Have to experiment with it, but i dont have many preset with the compression since i use a lot the overdrive.

Also changed the reverb to the 63, but thats it.

Works very well for my Metallica tunes. Very good for palm muting and riffing , does not work bad for soloing but i prefere other presets for the solo parts.

This one will go in the basic presets of the unofficial guide.

PS: please when you download a preset (not only mine but any) always do a small rate and comment on the fender site so we can address what a preset really worth!

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