lunedì 11 novembre 2013

Kirk Hammet (Metallica) clean and Dirt Solos tone on One and unforgiven.


It has been a while, but less than a month...

I am not a huge Hammet fan but there are some solos that i like and it has become part of my routine.

One and Unforgin clean parts are in this category.

Some day ago i was on youtebe and i watched the video of One. Kirk plays a Strato in that video (ESP clone) and i really love the tone of that solo.

So i googled some and i discovered that KH used a Fender Deluxe something for that tone... time to ride the mustang again!

It was easy, i used my standard preset for the Deluxe select on the guitar the closest position to "neck pickup" and i was there.

A bit of stomp overdrive and the brigde hb on you can have the unforgive solo second part, the dirt one.

Remember to rate the presets you download!

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