giovedì 11 luglio 2013

Fender Mustang Preset - Drive Solo Chorus v4

My drive solo preset!

I always liked that evil high cutting sound, so i made one of this preset in anyplatform i use since the old Boss Vf1.

Basically is Treble all the way up both in the amp and in the stomp, a good amount of gain (never too much!) and a small cut for bass and mids. I use the American 90 (Mesa!) with SEG at the minimum but can be done pretty well with the METAL2000 too...

It is also a decent riff workhorse, i will say an allround rock metal patch.

This is v4 since i get the Mustang so it is a pretty mature preset. I gived it a good amount of dimension with a chrous and a wide type reverb.

Obviously i used the delay for double guitar effect!

Here is the link, since i am slowly uploading all my work ;)

And here is a picture:

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