venerdì 23 agosto 2013

Another preset upgrade and upload!

This morning i was searching some preset in amp that still need a fix in the "double guitar" dealy settings.

I have some preset that still has repetition on time at more than 0% and this "flange" a little bit the sound....

I found that one of my best preset was in this condition so i present you the version 3 of my Megadeth tone:

I really love this preset, sound really good and exactly how i wanted it to sound, but since i am a bit lunatic when it comes to guitar tone depending on the mood and the tune (Symphony of desctruction...) i am playing i add a little bit of basses.

I also upgraded my Drive tone with my latest findings in delay and reverb field. Same reverb but a bit different setting to add some wideness to the tone. This is my allround tone, i mainly use it for kiko loureiro and skolnick stuff but i found it is a good horse also to do the intro of sweetchild of mine. I would have to try to engage the autowah from the Zoom Multi Stomp and see how it sound for the Sweet child o'mine solo!

As i state before this is inspired by my old Boss Vf-1 5150 drive tone, that i  used for almoste everything when i was young and had a band to play with!

1 post, 2 new preset! Enjoy!

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