venerdì 16 agosto 2013

Compare Mustang and Line6 Pt.1

Mustang have many positive review in the Fender emulation field, while is often bashed when it comes to high gain amps.

After years with line6, witch is reviewed very positively in the high gain field, i have found myself very well with the 2 high gain models from Fender.

Yesterday i was in the right mood to connect my toneport and do some experiment.

First step was finding the American 90 equivalent in my Line6 model packs.

My firtst trial was the Diamond Plate -> Mesa/Boogie® '01 Triple Rectifier, but it does sound a little different so i moved to Cali Diamond plate -> Mesa/Boogie® '01 Dual Rectifier® Solo Head and it was closer... after testing the line6 model with the 4x12V cabs that i usually love i decided that I should have made thing harder and choose the default cab for the Cali model: 4x12 treadplate.

In the mustang we have only 3 model of 4x12 cab and i found the closest to be the 4x12G. Really close in many aspect but with all the controls to 12' clock i felt a strong difference between L6 and Fender.

I tweak a bit the EQ and then i discover that all i have to do the make them sound closer was lower to 40% the gain in the mustang.

The mustang model has more gain than the line6 one!

I did some test adding reverb, 63 in the mustang and the Classic reverb or the Lux spring in the toneport but there is no game: the 63 reverb on the mustang widen the sound to much better.

I will try to record some raw model demo to witness my discover.

Here is the small (and fast) recording i made:
this is only the amp models set with everything at 50% except the gain of the American 90. No delay, no reverb, overdrive stomp, no effort to play decent!

I then go over to the Metal 2000 in the Mustang and the Criminal -> Peavey® '02 5150 II but as i stated somewhere before the Metal 2000 has less high freq than a 5150, i guess maybe they modeled a modern edition like a EVH or a 3120... Time runned up and i did not even check the cabs.

I will come back later with more results!

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