mercoledì 10 luglio 2013

Fender Mustang Iron Maiden Preset


Tonight i uploaded a nice preset i made to play Losfer words from Iron Maiden.

In the beginning i made some test with the british models, but then i jump back to my classic tools:
Fender Bassman!

I choose my Tube Screamer "blues boost" setting on the OVERDRIVE stomp to feed a 7.5 of gain of the bassman. Put a lot of mids, a decent treble quantity of treble and a generous "almost 6" of bass.

Open up a bit with some presences and the most its done.

I did not double it delay or pitch shifter, that was rich enough.

But the lesson i learn today was somewhere else.

For the first time i made an  use of the guitar volume in an overdriven environement.

I rolled the volume back a bit to find the right drive and response to my picking. I needed to pick the strings hard without mudding the chords and this was the right solution. The Mustang is very responsive to guitar volume and different picking and this is a lot of fun, but you need to manage it correctly to sound best.

Maybe this could be done in other way: stomp box level or amp gain, but i choose the guitar volume and it tooks me where i want.

The other thing is reverb. I tried the Hall reverbs but everything gets a bit muddy so i got back to the beloved spring models and with the good amount i got the feeling i wanted.

The preset, with my Ibanez SZ, is a close match but with some difference , a little bit more modern sounding (a 5% :) ) and a little bit thick&grind just the way i like it!

Here is the link to download the preset:

And this is a screenshot:

Enjoy and up the Irons!


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