martedì 30 luglio 2013

Re tuning every preset

While I wrote the effect guide I made some discover so, after I made some test, I started tweaking every preset, actually for reverb  type and delay settings.

With the right reverb every thing sound even better.

I uploaded my new piezo 7 preset, now with small room reverb and a little 20% delay.
Sounds really good for 'a change of season ' but I really like it for 'Wasting love' arpeggios.

I must say that this preset was originally intended for the 7 string guitar and also the RGD witch is very bassy, but this new version sounds really good also on the SZ, not only with the central position (both HB single splitted) but also with the full humbucker.

Maybe i will free the Piezo 6 slot for something else...

Here is the link

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