mercoledì 8 agosto 2012

DAY 8: preset memories management Pt.1

I am writing this to clarify my ideas.

I stored all the preset for the RGD and 7 string in the orange bank:

Heavy oriented for guitars with a lot of basses

The red bank is for SZ and other guitars, again heavy oriented:

And, finallym the green bank is for blues to hard rock presets:

There are a number of tips i'm using to order the presets:

# - Clean tones
G - Clean or slight dirty ( Insane preset should be moved elsewhere)
A - M2K allround
C - American 90 allround
B - Solo presets
D - Megadeth/Metallica/Trash, only the red is a Marshall, i have no other marshall models in the banks
E - Should also be for Solo presets but more melodic side
F - maybe another clean zone

Some slot still to with default tone, but they will go soon. I have a big number of tones in my library with 5-6 version of every tone i am working at in the preset library.

Preset in the Mustang are selected to be in some way peculiar, such has dinamic response or bass response.


Insane: very strong in the armonic department, like you have a totally different amp
ENGL amb: fake an ENGL amplifier, not very strong in the palm muting zone but still a very peculiar flavor and ambience
Raw boomer: a Mesa with a lot of Bass response
Erotomania: very very good for palm muting riffing and also good in soloing, but without the classic delay setting for solos


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