venerdì 2 settembre 2016

What i would like to see in a Fender Mustang I v3

  • a display, at least with preset names
  • MID knob
  • 3 state on a single footswitch
  • support for a bigger footcontroller like in the III/IV/V
  • another FX slot so we can have compression+OD or WAH+OD
  • Overdrive selectable via front panel like modulation and delay/reverb (maybe paired in the same knob with modulation like done for delay and reverb, this was a big mistake!)
  • a better selection of preset, especially with 3-5 good metal tones that are really missing right now
i'd also like to see a fullsize USB connector, the mini one is a lot fragile

maybe bluethooth support will be a trendy addiction!

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