lunedì 29 agosto 2016

New preset order 3x8 mode

Because of the Mustangraider/Raspberry project i changed the way i ordered my preset in the mustang I.

Previously i used to store preset in a modeler type basis:

Bassman in the G sloth, DeLuxe in the # slot, Metal2K in the A slot and so on...

Worked good for some year, very useful to understand how i am using the modelers.

Since i plan to use a single footswitch in the first test i come up with this idea:

the footswitch will cycle between green, red and orange on the same line (example: the 3 preset stored in the C/American 90)

when i change the "line" via the knob the footswitch will eventually cycle the preset in the new line

so i have 3 preset per every song/genere and 8 blocks/song/generes


first thing first it sorta opened my mind on the preset usage and switching. Packing together similar preset really gives another feeling.

the number of clean presets needed to be raised, so i created some new and i had to drop some preset i use rarely.

I made a bank for my Satriani Tones: the lead, a clean with chorus and the wah
A prog bank with my new wonderful Prog Solo preset (will talk later about it!) a piezo and my trusty erotomania tone
A trash bank with the classic Trash tone, my clean fot metal song (very clean, very acustic) and my Deluxe classic very fender and very stratty that i use for blues, funk but also for the first One (Metallica) solo.
One bank of bassman tones for that bluesy mood
A marshall bank with my Slash tone, the new Paradise City clean and, as a guest, my Megadeth rust in peace preset that i want to rename "Mega Classic" and move to another bank to make some room for the Slash wah version (that will be fun!)
A gain and a solo bank where i group presets that dows not belog to everything else and finally the Mega Bank with the soon to be renamed Mega Modern preset, the Stomper preset (neutral clean to be used with my Zoom Multistomp MG50) and one of the two Mesa RAW Boomer (one for the SZ and one for the RGD) that i am start feeling redoundand with the Prog Solo preset.

Here is a schema:

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