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The best mustang preset review: number 1 - ACDC by ryry444

Disclamier: This post is part of a series where i test the most downloaded preset from Fender site. It should be consider as a personal opinion based on a test done with (probably) a different guitar.

ACDC is a basic preset, ryry444 tweaked only the amp without any effect, just like Angus would like. It uses the Marshall '80 changing the cabinet to the 4x12 greenback. Like Anugs indeed.

I tested it with my Ibanez SZ that is tonewise close to an SG. Both with the headphones and with the speaker. I played and compare with the tone from

How does it sound? It is a very nice British overdriven sound. A good example of this model. I feel like higer notes are a bit "choked" for my taste but it is really nice and fun to play chord and power chord.

How close it is? Well, i think that compared with the songs i played along it is a bit too much overdriven. I tweaked to a 4 of gain and toruned down both high and bass and the tone become closer. I dont know what guitar was used to shape the tone, but with mine i needed to backoff a bit. I remember reading an interview on guitar magazie where Angus said that he does not use much gain.
It would have been nice to know what guitar ryry444 is using. I suggest everybody to put this information on the notes when you upload a preset!

Anyway is a good tone, i suggest you to give it a try if you like the genere, and also vote it and comment it if you download it.

Here is the link:

I've rated the preset 4 star on 5.

Next post will be TOP2: blues by mulvaneyr

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