lunedì 8 febbraio 2016

Satriani Tone Clone with Fender Mustang

Some day ago i've found on youtube a number of videos that explain how to get Satriani tone with a "low" budget.

Most of this videos use "low" end valve amps plus a number of stomp boxes.

Not so low budget in the end...

I have two presets saved on my mustang for Satriani tone. One with Wah and One without.

Here you can find the one with the wah:

I use the Fuzz Wah because you can get Overdrive stomp and wha stomp in a single slot. The only way with the limits of the mustang!

Many says that Satch tone is OD/DS on a clean channel. I find my Satch tone with the Metal 2000, the mustang model in the neightboorhood of the Soldano and the Peavy 5150. SLO100 was tha main amp on The Extremist AFAIK... I use some amp distortion plus the stomp one. Reverb is large all: more ambience with less tone influence. On the preset thereis also the chorus but is switched off.

The main trick is control the roundness of the tone with the tone knob. Some song need more treble, like Always with you, always with me. Some need almost none, like friends.

Here is the updated version of the patch without the wah that i am using:

This is not uploaded on the fender library right now but you can easily copy the setting from the image, thanks to fender that allows a very complete overview of the setting at hand.

The difference in this patch is that i'm using the modulation slot for the pitchshift for the doubled track effect: as usual 100% level a slight delay (20-30ms) and no shift/detune.

In this mode i can have a delay to enrich the ambience of the tone.

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