venerdì 26 febbraio 2016

Go playalong: A really cool learning tool!

Go Playalong is a tool that allow you to sync an audio track with a guitar pro tab.

How does it catch with a Mustang amp.

One of my learning tools is Rocksmith, but when i use Rocksmith i miss my Mustang tones.

Before Rocksmith i used (like many people) guitar pro. It is good but i'd like better play along with the original track...

Another good tool i use is Jammit but lacks of songs and you also have to pay. You pay for multitrack version of the song so it really worth the money but when a track is not available there is nothing you can do!

Well... it looks like GPA is what i was missing. I synched Enter Sandman in minutes and now i dont need anymore rocksmith to play it (it is a recent addiction to my rep and i still need hints on the structure, more than on the single note).

A side note: GPA is not an editor, but you can edit the Guitarpro file in anymoment and GPA will update the next time you load the song. Very well done! Tuxguitar is a free tool that may match well with GPA for editing pourpouses.

Free version allows you to synch 3 song. After i fill the 3 free slot i will surely pay for the full version.

I did not find a forum or a community online. Too bad! A good community will make this tool fly!

Very soon i will do an youtube demo of the tool, stay tuned!

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