mercoledì 9 marzo 2016

Why Fender has not released a Mustang v3 yet?

Well, this is my guess but...

Over the years of life of the Fender Mustang v1 and then v2 a lot of video appeared demostrating how good and close is a Mustang to a Valve amp.

I mean, maybe when you have the 2 amps in your room you can feel the difference in the way the sound propagate from the amps, its dynamics and so on...

But on a recording, a good recording is hard to tell the difference.

So people who start with a 100$ Mustang may not be motivated to invest in a 1000$ amp...

So my guess is... why should Fender upgrade the mustang and make it even better?

If you look at Amazon is already one of the best selling guitar amp. Sells more than cheap line6 or cheap peavy. It cost less and has good quality.

No reason to make it better, could not sell more than that!

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