giovedì 3 novembre 2016

Why you cant get the most from your Mustang I & II without fuse

I know there is alot of people that tested the mustangs and made his mind based on what they got from the default tones and some tweak with the amp controls.

Most of the mustang default tones suck. Most of the default preset of anydevice suck!

That say, I've made an experiment. Get one of my favorites tones using only the panel control, without fuse.


Point ONE. Since you cannot directly select the amp model you have to use a default preset that use the amp model you want.

This may sound ok but here it comes the first problem: none of the preset i may use have the Overdrive configured. And there is no way you can enable or tweak the overdrive stomp.

Is there a solution? Yes, we have 2 solution:

1) use an external stomp
2) get more gain from the amp

I, near or less, choose the second solution. I have a stomp i could use but this is out of the scope of my experiment,

So i choose to try to replicate my trash metal tone. It sounds good and dont use the overdrive stomp. It uses the simple comp but the difference without it is subtle,i can do without.

Point TWO. The delay. I, like many, use the delay (or the pitch shifter) to double the sound of the guitar. You can set delay volume to 100% but the tap does not allow you to select the lowest delay time. In fact i was not able to set a decently low time! Neither i was able to set the number of repetion to one!

Is there a solution? I dont see one, but i will ask on the forum!

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