lunedì 25 giugno 2012

Day 5: work in progress on Amp Models on the Mustang...

When run any of my guitars on my Toneport GX i have the basic 18 amps + 24 from the power pack + 18 from the Metal pack: 60 amps!

The amps i use most are the L6 clean for the clean and a range of high gain: The "mesa", the mark IIC+, the "soldano", the "marshal preamp", the "engl", the L6 Insane plus a number of other that really does not make much difference to me other than have a different graphical front end.

When i switched to the Mustang I the number of emulated amps dropped to 12.

I use the twin for the clean, the bassman for my bluesy moods and for the high gain things the American 90 ("mesa") and the Metal 2000 ("peavy 5150 and sons"). I dont use the Marshall, i dont like them that much!

As i stated before i have recovered a functional model of my beloved IIC+ by tweaking SEG and BIAS.

this leads me to a consideration: you have 12 amps with 3 SEG setting and another 3 "extreme" settings for the BIAS (with a lot of finetuning possibility...). A total of 12*3*3 model possibility: 108?

So i started a little research on guitar amp genealogy to better understand where my experiments lead.

I found this interesting video:

It shows that the Soldano, the EVH and the Peavy sound pretty similar with some small diffrence that you can also find on 2 copy of the same model that slightl differ in the bias twak or in the valve "condition".

If you use the settings from the video on your mustang amp you will get a pretty similar sound :).

So in my todo-list i added this:

Getting a round and warm lead, soldano like, tone from my Metal2000 model.

Finally i started building a "guitar amp's family tree":

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