martedì 4 ottobre 2016

Dream Theater - Breaking All Illusions Solo - AKA Prog Solo Preset

Recently the monkey of "Breaking all illusions" from Dream theater has climbed on my back. Not that i did not heard the song before but suddenly it has grown and has became one of my favorites songs...

I was already on the main riff and i've started learning the solos. Tone-wise there is much here. The first Solo, around 6 minutes of the song is a very "liquid" tone, then separated by an arpeggio there a less aggressive solo with a matching tone.

I was starting a tone from scratch but when i try to play some slice of the solos with my Prog Solo preset i found it was already good enough. It just needed some tweak on the overdrive stomp to become my masterpice. The trick is:

Riff parts with the bridge humbacker
Solo I with the neck humbacker
Solo II also neck but roll down the volume knob on the guitar to half or less and pick really gently. I guess you will find how much gently.

Here is the link to download it:

(as usuale rate and comment if you download anything!)

Some note here: my neck PU is not the best for liquid tones so was a surpries to hear it works so well. Another surprise was how much the mustang react to volume and touch change. Really good, my old pony!

Some word on the final tweak: the overdrive is near or less setted to my Tubescreamer configuration. Just some more mids that was already there and lately added just a bit of gain to touch the perfection.

Actually the delay is used to double the guitar (0ms 1 repat 100% volume), i would like to make a version of the preset with the PS for double the sound and the delay used as a delay.

I was also tempted by working out the same tone without the overdrive pedal in front. I have plenty of gain on the amp but trebles are already maxed so i dont know it is possible.

Here is how i tweaked the amp:

Sound nice but i prefer using the stomp (disabled in this version).

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