lunedì 19 dicembre 2011

Day 1: the mustang overdrive

I did a test on with the OD stomp inside my Mustang I. I put my VF-1 between the guitar and the amp and create a patch with only the OD-1 emulation with all the values at 12' o'clock (50%). Then i alternatively engaged the VF-1 and the Mustang OD and tweak until i match the OD-1 sound.

The result is quite simple: the Mustang can sound pretty similar, you only need to turn all way up the high knog.

My guess is that the high knob is cutting the high frequencies rather than boosting...

This is not a problem to me since i usually use a "all at 12" setup for my od pedal (read: the TS emualtion on Line6 toneport...) but i think that this is limiting...

I hope that Fender will change this in a future firmware!

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